We are a private company which mainly deals with import and sale of luxury freestanding baths and batteries.

We offer high-quality acrylic baths, tubs of artificial marble or artificial stone - corian. Also, free-standing battery to these baths or umyvadlovými sets of batteries.
All baths are supplied without hydro, most types without batteries, but we also find a tub of battery already built into the tub.
Part of the range you will find in stock for immediate delivery, as well as a tub on order with delivery within 3 months, according to the current situation.
If you want to save the cost of furnishing your bathroom and wait for the delivery of 3 months after your firm order, we offer a discount to the price - all information will be provided upon request.
All baths are distributed by Republic and Slovakia, and our car after a previous agreement to deliver to a place in your house or apartment.
If you approached one bath, always feel free to contact us and we will give you any actual action on the tub.

We will also send you another offer to the bath, if you can not find a bath of your dreams.

In case of any query please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Ing.Smelik Jan
General director